Los Angeles Lakers guard Austin Reaves and Philadelphia 76ers guard Patrick Beverly got into a heated confrontation on Monday. The fracas occurred late in the third quarter with the Sixers leading the Lakers 93-72.

Beverly and Robert Covington double-teamed Reaves near the baseline. Covington seemingly nudged the Lakers guard out of bounds but the former got the no-call. The officials ruled the possession arrow in the Sixers' favor.

Just as Reaves was headed the other way, Beverly ran into him and before you knew it, the two guards got in each other's faces. Pat Bev raised his arms and never even made eye contact with Reaves.

Fortunately, the official stepped in before things got out of hand.

The turnover was the least of Reaves' woes. The Sixers blew out the Lakers 138-94 on Monday. It was the Purple and Gold's worst loss of the 2023-24 NBA season so far. The Lakers' most lopsided loss prior to that was a 128-94 thrashing at the hands of the Houston Rockets on November 8.

Reigning NBA MVP Joel Embiid recorded his first triple-double of the season against the Lakers on Monday. He had 30 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists in the rout. Tyrese Maxey added 31 points for Philly's cause.

On the other hand, Lakers superstar LeBron James scored 18 points. Anthony Davis, whom Sixers center Paul Reed dubbed “a big flopper,” scored 17 points for Los Angeles.

Patrick Beverly had a slight statistical edge over Austin Reaves on Monday. The former had 12 points, six rebounds, and three assists. For his part, Reaves had 12 points, two rebounds, and two assists in the one-sided affair.

The Lakers seek to regroup against the 2-15 Detroit Pistons on Wednesday.