One of the biggest storylines of the offseason has to be the Los Angeles Lakers successfully teaming up LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony on the same squad after two decades of having their respective careers run parallel to each other. LeBron and Melo are actually really good friends in real life, and along with Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul, this power foursome has earned the hilarious moniker of “The Banana Boat Crew.”

Anthony and Wade recently had a brief discussion about their infamous title as a group, and as it turns out, Melo isn't completely sold on the notion:

Carmelo Anthony wants to make it abundantly clear that he was never on that banana boat. To be fair, this is true. It was actually LeBron, Wade, Paul, and Dwyane's wife, Gabriel Union, who were photographed on a banana boat during a vacation in the Bahamas back in 2015. So, to his point, Melo is absolutely right that he was never on that boat. Was he not invited to that vacation?

Whatever the case may be, Melo did agree with Wade about just embracing the title. It's become quite popular throughout the basketball world, and to some extent, you could say that this notion may have had a role in Anthony joining LeBron with the Lakers. I mean, this at least had something to do with the narrative, right?

Make no mistake about it, though: Carmelo Anthony is not a fan of banana boats.