Rajon Rondo has been around the league enough to know what it takes to win. He's a two-time NBA champion and now that the 35-year-old veteran is on his second stint with the Purple & Gold, Rondo is looking to make it a trifecta of titles.

Rondo recently opened up about what he hopes to bring to the Los Angeles Lakers this coming season. His veteran leadership is going to be a key asset for the team, and the four-time All-Star discussed what he believes it takes to be a good leader:

“You can’t pick and choose when you want to be a leader,” he saidm via Jacob Rude of Silver Screen & Roll. “You have to show up every day. Guys are watching, young and old, and you’re being critiqued or judged. Regardless of the outcome of how you feel that morning, you try to show up and be consistent. No one likes a guy that just talks about it. You do it with your work, you do it with your discipline and your consistency.”

Rondo then warned about the danger of being an overbearing teammate and how a “know-it-all” attitude just won't work in the locker room:

“So for me, the most important part is understanding that I don’t know it all and I’m a willing listener, and I can learn from Malik Monk or Trevor Ariza,” Rondo added. “So having an open mindset and not being closed off and thinking you know it all is I think a big key to being a leader, and I think something I’ve grown from in my past.”

As he discussed, an integral part of being a leader is one's willingness to learn. It's not all about telling or showing your teammates what needs to be done. Rajon Rondo knows that there's more to just that in exhibiting true leadership.