There was a lot riding on Friday night's matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks. The Lakers, who have been on a roll of late, are set to test their mettle against Giannis Antetokounmpo and the very dominant Bucks. As expected, Russell Westbrook also came into the game with his usual sense of intensity.

At one point early in the game, Russ was seen exchanging words with a courtside fan in what looked like an intense moment. There weren't too many security personnel in the vicinity either so this incident could have quickly escalated:

It is unclear what the fan said to Westbrook but there's no denying that the Lakers guard was not pleased at all. It looks like Russ even searched out the fan to confront them for what I'm assuming would have been a disrespectful jab aimed at Westbrook.

Russ has had his fair share of fan altercations in the past, and it's just good to see that cooler heads prevailed in this instance. It doesn't seem like anything happened after the confrontation, but this is definitely something to keep an eye on for the rest of the game.

The Lakers enter this matchup with an 8-12 record after having won six out of their last eight games. LA is closing in a .500 record and they clearly want to get a win in Milwaukee on Friday. It goes without saying that a victory against the mighty Bucks — on the return of Khris Middleton — would be a big statement win for LeBron James and Co.