A clip of Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis revealing that he hasn't played basketball for more than two months now has been making its rounds on social media. This has raised a bit of concern for some fans in that it appears that the eight-time All-Star isn't putting in the work this summer.

Well, our friends over from Bleacher Report seem to have debunked this notion altogether. During his exit interview from last year, the Lakers superstar shed some light on his training regimen at the end of the season, which should shed some light on his current situation:

“Usually when the season's over, for a month I just let my body heal, and then I'm going six weeks just straight weight training every day,” Davis said. “And then you get to the basketball part about a month and a half before training camp, but that kind of comes back easy.”

As it appears, there is a method to this madness. Based on his above interview, Davis revealed that he doesn't actually play basketball in the offseason until four to six weeks before training camp starts. This year, the Lakers' camp will officially open on September 28th, which gives AD a lot of time to rest and recuperate.

The big question now, however, is whether or not this is the right routine for Davis. Health has been a major issue for the Lakers big man so perhaps it is due time for some sort of change?