The Los Angeles Lakers didn't have the process they expected this past summer after securing a four-year, $154 million deal with LeBron James, soon expecting others to join him in La La Land. Paul George had already signed a four-year, $137 million deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder and even celebrated it on the eve of free agency, a trend more superstars could be bound to take.

Having experienced a season of horror after missing out on the postseason, the Lakers will once again aim at pairing LeBron with another star, now aware the current group won't work out for the three-time champion.

According to Bill Oram of The Athletic, many experts expect others to take the George route and pass on the opportunity to play alongside James, an omen that could prove to be the doom of this franchise's project if it proves accurate:

After Paul George ignored the Lakers last summer, most league insiders believe the biggest names in this year’s loaded class of free agents will follow his lead. If the Lakers can’t successfully build a roster around James this summer, it’s fair to wonder whether they will ever be able to maximize his powers before it’s too late.

The front office is well aware that James won't be able to carry this team to the postseason on his own and will need a superstar partner, be it Anthony Davis or anyone else, to help him sail this ship to a potential NBA Finals.

If they're unsuccessful at making that happen, it won't be long before the gamble of signing James this late into his career blows up in management's face and more questions begin to arise about the future.