The report into the workplace misconduct in the Dallas Mavericks' organization is out, and the investigation finds Mark Cuban had no knowledge of the rampant misconduct by former Mavs President and CEO Terdema Ussery. The report states:

“The investigators found no evidence that Mr. Cuban was aware of Mr. Ussery's misconduct. None of the 215 witnesses who were interviewed stated that they informed Mr. Cuban of Mr. Ussery's actions, the investigators found no documentary evidence of such a communication, and Mr. Cuban stated that he did not know about the conduct.”

This clears Cuban's name in one regard, but it does not absolve him of any responsibility in this matter. Cuban did not explicitly allow this kind of behavior to go on, but he was in charge of the organization as its workplace environment deteriorated. This falls on Cuban's shoulders even if he didn't have any direct knowledge of the situation.

The report also states:

“The investigators concluded that Mavericks' management was ineffective, including a lack of compliance and internal controls, and these shortcomings permitted the growth of an environment in which acts of misconduct and the individuals who committed them could flourish.”

Due to this report, Cuban will donate $10 million to organizations that promote women in leadership roles and combat domestic violence. There are also other sanctions that will require changes on reporting, staffing, and policy, and it is clear that Cuban must take a step back and reevaluate the situation.

Cuban does seem sincere in his apology. Hopefully, he takes the necessary steps to fix the culture in Dallas.