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Nationals star Juan Soto’s injury status after ominous exit vs Marlins

Nationals, Juan Soto

Washington Nationals star Juan Soto is undergoing an MRI following an injury he sustained against the Miami Marlins.

The 23-year-old phenom left the game in the fourth inning. He was seen stretching out his calf a bit in the outfield, but seemed fine when he was up to bat shortly after.

However, Soto was caught in a rundown, and after that, he was removed from the game.

“He went up there and hit, and he said it was fine,” Manager Dave Martinez recounted to reporters following the game. “And all of a sudden he ran and came back and said it was tightening up on him.”

It was an unwelcomed sight for his teammates. Namely first baseman Josh Bell, who also spoke to reporters following the game.

“Oh, yeah, it’s terrifying, obviously,” he said. “So you know, fingers crossed that it’s not anything too, too time-consuming. We’ll see. I know he’s probably going to get the results back here soon.”

Bell finished by saying the entire team is thinking about their superstar phenom.

“I know we’re all holding our breath for him. I guess time will tell.”

Soto may have picked up the injury in the third inning. Marlins outfielder Bryan De La Cruz hit a towards Soto, and the 23-year-old has to chase it down.

Thomas Lane replaced Soto following the fourth-inning rundown. The team is hoping for the best. Soto has cracked 15 home runs and driven in 33 runs this year.

The former World Series champion has been subject to a few trade rumors given that he has yet to sign an extension with the Nationals.