The energy levels in the TD Garden will be at an absurd level Monday night for Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics. But so too will the ticket prices.

The opportunity to witness up-close a potential historic comeback and collapse, or the culmination of one of the most remarkable runs in recent NBA history, will cost fans $35,841, via Tick Pick. Every once-in-a-lifetime sports memory comes with some sort of sacrifice, and courtside seats in Boston's TD Garden might just be too enticing for the well-to-do few to pass up.

If there was ever a time to persuade people to fork over such an amount of money for a non-championship game, it might be this one. The marketing department's job to sell this Memorial Day melee is almost too easy. “Come all, witness a team come back from the dead!”

There will be plenty of Heat and neutral fan interest as well, though. Miami has defied odds itself, charging past the Milwaukee Bucks and New York Knicks before bringing Boston to its knees through the first three games of this series. Jimmy Butler is becoming a playoff legend. Erik Spoelstra is a coaching savant. And Pat Riley is an ageless architect holding this first-class operation together.

But a loss will be a first-class collapse. Sadly, adversity and injuries go out the window in an era where singular moments carry more legacy implications than ever before. Both teams are in must-win situations, not just because a meeting with Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets awaits the victor, but because the respective journeys to get to this point have been too mentally and physically draining to fall short.

Those are the type of stakes that will persuade a person to take out a second mortgage in order to get prime seating for Celtics-Heat, Game 7.