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Richard Jefferson believes series is over for Rockets after Game 1 loss to Warriors

Richard Jefferson, Warriors, Rockets

The Houston Rockets lost Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals to the Golden State Warriors. However, even though it’s a seven-game series, a lot of people have already counted Houston out as early as now, including former NBA player Richard Jefferson.

On ESPN’s “Get Up!” show, Jefferson said it will be impossible for the Rockets to win four of the next six games against the Warriors. The former New Jersey Nets star added that Golden State is the best team he’s ever seen, even better than the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs squads that prevented them from winning a title back in 2002 and 2003.

Meanwhile, NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith believes the series could go seven games, but he still picked the Warriors to come out on top.

The Rockets and Warriors went toe-to-toe in Game 1. No team was able to pull away with a huge lead. Unfortunately, Houston wasn’t able to deliver in the final seconds of the game, allowing Golden State to withstand their late rally and walk away with the victory.

Game 2 of the series will be on Tuesday, where the Rockets will look even things up. Should they win, they will head back to Houston with the homecourt advantage.

That might be a tough thing to accomplish, as the Warriors have yet to lose a road game in these playoffs. They won three games in Los Angeles when they faced the Clippers in the first round.