Not long after it was confirmed that Kevin Love was seeking a contract buyout with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat quickly emerged as the top destination for the former NBA champ once he hits free agency. At this point, however, it seems like the Heat do not have a clear path to signing Love as the Phoenix Suns look to join in on the party.

NBA guru Brian Windhorst recently dropped a truth bomb about the Suns' interest in Kevin Love. According to Windy, the new-look Suns could very well be in the mix for the five-time All-Star:

“The issue (with the Heat) might be whether the Cavs are going to allow him as part of the buyout agreement to go to an Eastern Conference team,” Windhorst said. “Miami is a potential first-round opponent for the Cavs, and that may be part of the talks as they come to terms.

“A team in the Western Conference, though, that I'd keep an eye out for (are) the Suns. The Suns have been doing some background research into Kevin over the last 24 hours. … The new-look Suns have a roster spot, have a bunch of money they can still pay to free agents. So, keep an eye on the Suns as a contender for Kevin Love.”

This makes a lot of sense. As Windhorst said, the Cavs could be hesitant to allow Love to join the Heat considering how they could very well face them in the playoffs. As such, it wouldn't be surprising if the 34-year-old ends up taking his talents out West.

The Suns just got much more dangerous with the addition of Kevin Durant, and they are clearly looking to add more pieces to solidify their championship aspirations this year. Kevin Love definitely fits the bill for them.