Despite their latest loss to the Atlanta Hawks that pushed them down to the 10th seed in the East, Kyrie Irving is not bothered by the Brooklyn Nets' situation. After all, he is confident about what he and Kevin Durant can do. However, he admitted that for them to succeed, the rest of the team needs to keep up with their mental focus.

The Nets are in quite the precarious situation. They still have a chance to climb the eighth seed for a better play-in position, but they would need to stay perfect in their remaining four games and hope that the teams above them flounder. Winning games certainly look possible with Irving and Durant leading the way, but as what the team has learned in their recent poor stretch of games, relying on the two is not enough.

With that said, Irving emphasized in his postgame presser on Saturday that for them to achieve the goal they have set, the whole team needs to buy in.

“The mental focus is on a different level. And in order for us to be a great team everybody has to have that same mental focus,” Irving shared, via Dave Early of ClutchPoints.

It's certainly a good thing that Kyrie Irving is not lacking confidence. The team really needs that mentality if they want to finish the season strong and make the playoffs. However, with just a few games left and Brooklyn being up and down all season long, one has to wonder if the team can do what their veteran point guard is asking.

A slew of injuries and off-court issues have hindered the team throughout the season, and while it seems resolved already, the fact of the matter is the Nets are looking like a team that is just starting the season and figuring it out.

Perhaps that's the biggest challenge for the Nets in order for them to reach that mental focus that Irving is telling them. At 40-38 on the season, their time is running out. The only thing going for them is they are already secured of a play-in spot, only that they would want a higher seed so that they will need just one win to move on instead of two.

The Nets play the Houston Rockets, New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers in their remaining games. Three of those teams have nothing to play for as they've been all eliminated from postseason contention, so it is the perfect opportunity for the team to get in the same rhythm and the focus they want.