The NBA Finals between the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat does not feel the same for most fans. Gone are the days when the league treated the last seven games as its spectacle. Numerous shows of grandeur were on tv screens that were eye-catching for viewers. Tyrese Haliburton of the Indiana Pacers seems to miss these features and agrees with fan sentiments.

Miami and Denver entered Game 2 with much fighting spirit and their schematics locked in. While everything the teams were doing gave the aura of a finals matchup, the treatment felt different. Avid spectators of the league were quick to point out that it felt like a regular season game compared to past NBA Finals. Noticing the discourse, the Pacers star was quick to jump into the conversation.

Tyrese Haliburton had fans rally behind him in his proposal. While it may be nostalgia hitting the Pacers guard and fans, it is not surprising to say a lot is lacking in production quality.

Back then competing teams had the Larry O'Brien trophy at center court to visualize what they were competing for — a shot to cemented in NBA history. The NBA Finals this year has generic court stickers that you would see in any other games in the season.

The scoreboards and graphics also do not give off the same grandeur. Just last year the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors had gold-plated nameplates on the scoreboard. This year was a bit of a downgrade for the NBA Finals due to them recycling the same scoreboard.

Has the NBA Finals' production quality dwindled?