Apparently, Indiana Pacers star Tyrese Haliburton is fan of WWE, because he was hyped when CM Punk made his return at Survivor Series.

When Randy Orton was “late” to the start of Survivor Series, leaving his team to prepare for their WarGames match 5-on-4, it led more than a few fans in the Allstate Arena in Roseland, Illinois, to chant early and often for their favorite local wrestler, the “Second City Saint” himself, CM Punk, to defy the odds and make his triumphant return to the promotion.

It was a long shot, as all signs pointed to Punk still being on the outs with the promotion, but after the match came to a close, WWE lingered on the end of the match a little longer than what seemed appropriate, considering the chants that thundered throughout the area, and with the incredible opening bars of “Cult of Personality,” CM Punk emerged from the back.

And when he did, Pacers guard Haliburton jumped on social media:

Said Haliburton, “HES BAAACKKKKKK #SurvivorSeries

Followed quickly by, “AINT NO MF WAYYYYYYYY”

Though Pacers star Tyrese Haliburton and millions of WWE fans were fired up, what did CM Punk do in the ring? Not much, really. He ran around a little bit, did his “it's clobbering time” chant, and hugged a few fans, but really, none of that mattered all that much: CM Punk is back in the WWE Universe.

As for Haliburton and the Pacers, they host Scoot Henderson and the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday.