All eyes have been on Juan Soto since he was dealt to the San Diego Padres ahead of the MLB trade deadline. Soto has wasted no time in getting acclimated to the Padres, collecting five hits, five walks and three runs scored in his first five contests with the team. But his impact has gone beyond the stat sheet.

His Padres teammates have really welcomed him with open arms. Don’t believe me? Check out these epic t-shirts that starting pitcher Joe Musgrove and outfielder Jurickson Profar were rocking in the clubhouse, as pointed out by Annie Heilbrunn of the San Diego Union Tribune.

Those are pretty awesome t-shirts. “Juan Diego?” “Do the Soto shuffle?” Clearly, Joe Musgrove and Jurickson Profar wanted to make Juan Soto feel as welcome as possible in the Padres clubhouse.

What better way to do that then to rock his name on a t-shirt? It might as well be “Juan Diego” right now, as practically everyone in the area is still buzzing about the Padres big-time acquisition at the deadline.

Musgrove’s shirt is a nod to the buzz in the city. Profar’s shirt is a reference to Juan Soto’s signature move in the batter’s box: the shuffle.

After taking a close pitch for a ball, Soto will square down in an imposing stance in the box, staring directly at the pitcher in an I’m-not-backing-down-sort-of-way. His Padres teammates already have an appreciation for the shuffle.

They’re also very excited to have Juan Soto in San Diego. Now, asking for a friend, but can Padres fans purchase some of these shirts?