The Florida Panthers imploded during Game 1 of the 2023 Stanley Cup Final on Saturday. Head coach Paul Maurice urged everyone after the game to take a breath, reminding everyone the Panthers have been 1-0 down before. And it seems as if Maurice is practicing what he preaches.

The Panthers head coach is keeping things relaxed and light following the team's loss to the Vegas Golden Knights. There is no benefit to putting on a sour face at this moment, as Maurice explained to writer Dan Rosen.

“Why do I have to be in a bad mood today just because we lost the game?” Maurice said. “That also doesn't do my team any good, sending messages. That's not how we want to operate.”

Maurice prefers to keep a fun environment around him, and that even extends to his coaching staff. However, the more relaxed vibe doesn't prevent him and his team from putting in the work.

“These guys push so hard, so they make coming to the rink fun,” Maurice continued. “My staff too. I've got eight guys I work with, and you call them assistant coaches. That's not right. It's just eight coaches in the room.

“We talk hockey all day. We laugh and we have fun, but we work. The underlying thing that you don't know is that none of this is casual,” the Panthers head coach said.

Maurice certainly believes his method will help the Panthers bounce back in this series. Their next chance to do so is Monday night in Vegas for Game 2. A loss on Monday would put the team in a tough spot as the series shifts back to Florida for the next two games.