Patriots news: Antonio Brown still eligible to play in Week 3
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Patriots WR Antonio Brown still eligible to play in Week 3

New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown is eligible to play this Sunday against the New York Jets according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

According to Rapoport the NFL usually likes to make these type of decisions by Wednesday, so unless new details emerge it seems unlikely he would be put on the commissioner’s exempt list before Sunday. Brown is being investigated by the league after he was accused of sexual assault in a civil lawsuit.

Brown has gotten a lot of heat the last couple of weeks for his behavior, but his former teammate Le’Veon Bell thinks he is a good guy when you really to get to know him.

“Sometimes, it’s kinda hard to overcome when a lot of negative things are happening or when people are saying a lot of negative things about you,” Bell said of Brown to ESPN. “It’s like a snowball effect. It happened to me when I had my suspension. I don’t ever wanna get too low on myself. I hope Antonio’s doing the same thing. If I had to give him advice, that’s what I’d give him.”

“If you know AB personally, you’ll know that he’s like, a good person. He’s not really trying to harm anybody. Maybe there’s something he wants and he’s trying to achieve it. He might go a different way about it than other people would but, it is what it is.”

In Brown’s first game with the Patriots he caught four passes for 56 yards and a touchdown, and now he will get to face a secondary that was torched by Odell Beckham Jr. on Monday night football.