The Toronto Maple Leafs suffered another disappointing exit from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. What's worse is that this exit came at the hands of their hated rival, the Boston Bruins. All they can do now is build to ensure a better result next season. That begins at the 2024 NHL Draft, where the Maple Leafs hold the 23rd overall pick.

This year's draft class is not expected to be as deep as last year's. Additionally, the quality of the class may not match up to next year's class. Still, you take the players available and develop them to the best of your abilities. And teams can still find a ton of value in this year's NHL Draft class.

There are a few names that the Maple Leafs can target with their pick. But a more interesting conversation may revolve on the players they can afford to pass on. So, let's take a look at two players Toronto would be better off avoiding in the 2024 NHL Draft.

Maple Leafs can pass on Aron Kiviharju

Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brad Treliving speaks during a media conference to introduce new head coach Craig Berube (not shown) at Ford Performance Centre.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Aron Kiviharju is one of the more intriguing prospects in the 2024 NHL Draft. He has a ton of potential at the NHL level. He is an excellent puck mover who sees the ice very well while actively trying to make plays. There are a ton of positives teams like Toronto can take away from his game. However, there are also some major concerns.

Kiviharju is a defenseman, but his defense is somewhat suspect. He competes well enough but is not a physical player. For some defensemen, not being the most physical player certainly won't be a major issue. However, for undersized players such as Kiviharju, this can absolutely be a big concern for teams.

The most pressing concern, though, is his injury history. The Danish defenseman missed nearly his entire draft year due to injury. He impressed scouts while playing up age groups before the 2024 NHL Draft. But can he remain impressive while battling back from his injuries? It's certainly tough to say at this point.

The Maple Leafs could use help on the blueline. However, there are going to be better, and safer options available at the 23rd overall selection. As a result, Toronto should not get caught up in the potential and go with a player who has a better chance at making a long-term impact.

Emil Hemming is not a great fit for Maple Leafs

Emil Hemming is another player with a lot of potential. He has one of the more underratedly great shots in this class. And his offensive talent is very impressive. He is a great skater who is dangerous in transition and can break open the game at times. But Hemming carries some concerns with him, as well.

His concerns are not of the injury variety. He has been relatively healthy during his draft year. The concerns that come with the Vassa, Finland native are more of his own doing. Hemming is rather inconsistent on the ice, breaking open shifts in one instance and being rather quiet the next.

Additionally, there is some level of compete that he displays. That said, there are a lot of shifts where the effort level Hemming gives is less than ideal. He isn't exactly a lazy player, nor does he completely give up on a shift. But there are times where you certainly want to see more from him given his talent level.

The Maple Leafs could be in the market for a winger at the 2024 NHL Draft. In fact, ClutchPoints has Toronto selecting a winger in its latest NHL Mock Draft. That being said, Hemming is not the best fit for the Maple Leafs, and there should be more promising options available with the 23rd overall selection.