In the immediate aftermath of Monday night's Game 7 between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors, the Boston CelticsIsaiah Thomas subtweeted Kevin Durant about coming to Boston in free agency before quickly deleting it, realizing it might be viewed by the league as tampering.

Although Durant claimed he personally hasn't thought about his impending free agency yet, it appears that his agent and representatives are already hard at work laying out his options.

Butch Stearns of WEEI reported that the Celtics and Durant's people have already met, discussing what players KD would want Boston to get if he were to go there.

From Stearns:

I have this on pretty good authority. The Celtics have sat with his agent and other representatives of Durant. The Celtics do know — I don’t know who it is — but they do know who he would prefer to be brought here in a LeBron-Chris Bosh–Dwyane Wade-like way. Because that’s how it works in the NBA. You need to know who the guy or guys that that guy wants, which would be a factor.

Now, I don’t know if Durant’s told them that. But the Celtics know. They know. They’ve been told what group of guys he would want to come here.

kevin durant
Rob Carr/Getty Images

This, of course, doesn't guarantee that Durant will be packing his bags for Boston. In fact, it's not even a sign that he's leaning toward going there; this is a matter of his agent and reps doing their due diligence so Durant can make the most educated decision possible at the end of this process.

If the Celtics come through on KD's requested acquisitions, it will make them a much more appealing destination, though. With their bounty of draft picks and immense cap space, Boston is certainly one of the best positioned franchises to make a run at Durant, other than OKC.

There's still a lot of time before Durant makes his choice, and there's a good chance he'll delay it by signing a one or two-year deal for the max with the Thunder. Still, Boston is laying the groundwork for possibly landing the most highly touted free agent over the past few years other than LeBron James.

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