The Houston Rockets have a perfect opportunity in front of them, as their chances of beating the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Semifinals grew significantly higher because of Kevin Durant's injury. The reigning Finals MVP has been ruled out for the rest of the series because of a strained right calf.

A lot of people are already counting out the Warriors by saying they cannot win anything without KD. But for Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd, the West semis are no longer about Golden State. It is now about the Rockets and their megastar James Harden.

Cowherd believes that Harden should take advantage of Durant's absence and lead the Rockets to the West Finals, adding that losing to the Warriors — who are without their best player — will definitely hurt his legacy.

The veteran sports journalist made an interesting point about the difference between regular season MVPs who won titles and those who didn't. At the moment, Harden is joined by only five players who won the MVP but not the championship, and if he fails to lead Houston past the Warriors in the playoffs, he may no longer get an opportunity in the future.

Of course, beating the Warriors is easier said than done. Even without Durant, they are still stacked with talent, as the four guys who led them to the championship back in 2015 are still there. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala are expected to step up in Durant's absence.

The Warriors lead the series 3-2, which means a loss by the Rockets on Friday will lead to their elimination from the playoffs.

So Cowherd is right. It's time for Harden to cement his legacy and finally overcome the biggest obstacle in his career.