Everyone is searching for a reason behind Markelle Fultz's puzzling shooting struggles. Recently, a theory relating to a motorcycle accident surfaced, but Fultz's agent, Raymond Brothers, is denying the allegation. Brandon Robinson appeared on 97.3 and claimed Fultz's issues stem from a motorcycle accident that affected his shooting shoulder. Robinson said, via Kyle Neubeck of The Philly Voice:

“What many people don’t know is that the reason Markelle Fultz struggled last season and why he was out for so long, is because he had a motorcycle accident that was covered up. That’s why his shooting shoulder was messed up.”

That type of scandal would bring much of the Markelle Fultz situation to light, but Fultz's camp is wholeheartedly denying the allegation:

“Markelle and the motorcycle, I saw the article that was sent, 100 percent not true,” Brothers told Kyle Neubeck. “Quote me on that.”

The second-year player's shot seems to be regressing once again. He has parted ways with his shooting coach and he's back to pump faking on free throws. There's clearly something going on with his shot. It could be something physical with his shoulder or it could be a mental block he can't get past.

Whatever it is, the Sixers hope he can figure it out sooner rather than later. After trading for Jimmy Butler, Philly made it clear the franchise is pushing to win championships.

Without an adequate jumper, Markelle Fultz is far less valuable to the Sixers. Perhaps Butler could be the one to help Fultz turn it around. At this point, nothing would surprise us.