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TJ Watt goes full Arnold Schwarzenegger in epic injury message to Steelers fans

TJ Watt, Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers surprised everyone on Sunday as they beat the Cincinnati Bengals in overtime. But, in the process, star defender TJ Watt suffered a pec injury. At first, it was believed he completely tore it, but after further diagnosis, Watt will go the rehab route and return at some point this season. His latest message to fans says it all, too:

Ah, the classic Arnold GIF from The Terminator. Ian Rapoport also dropped the TJ Watt news shortly after:

Six weeks is still not ideal, but it’s better than missing the entire campaign. Proper recovery and Watt is back out there in no time terrorizing opposing quarterbacks.

His absence will surely hurt the Steelers, though. We’re talking about the reigning Defensive Player of the Year and arguably the best defender in the NFL alongside Aaron Donald. Pittsburgh hasn’t even put him on the IR either with the hope he could be back sooner than expected.

HC Mike Tomlin spoke out on that decision, via NFL.com:

“We’re not in hurry to gather information too quickly,” he said of TJ Watt. “We will see how his body responds, we’ll get a second and third opinions and then at the end of the week or at some point we will do what’s appropriate.”

All Steelers fans can do is hope it’s not too long until Watt is wreaking havoc again. There are some rather tough matchups across the next six weeks for Pittsburgh, with the Patriots, Browns, Bills, and Buccaneers all ahead on the schedule.