Stephon Marbury, an ex-NBA player most prominently known from the New York Knicks, has decided to take a shot at acting. Coming off two months of acting training in New York and Los Angeles, Marbury will play himself in a movie titled “My Other Home” which is slated to release in China during the Chinese Baseball Association game season near the end of this year.

“I thought about doing a movie before, but never thought about it would be my own movie,” said Marbury in the Wall Street Journal. “I am humbled by the fact that I had the opportunity to have this experience in my life.”

Stephon Marbury
NY Post

This film will give Marbury the chance to tell his unique journey in the sport of basketball. After playing in the NBA for over 12 years and on five different teams, the point guard eventually made his way to the CBA on the Beijing Ducks team, where he has won three CBA championships.

“Marbury’s story is different from most celebrities because he once fell down in the NBA,” said Victoria Hon, the film’s producer. “His story of how to stand up after falling down is very inspirational, and I believe it will resonate with audiences.”

For those unfamiliar with Marbury's dramatic time in the NBA, this film will shed some light on the situation and hopefully help restore his reputation. After all, he wasn't selected fourth overall in the 1996 NBA draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves for no reason.

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