Chris Paul's future with the Phoenix Suns remains in limbo amid reports that the team could waive him. If you're going to ask new head coach Frank Vogel on what he wants to do, though, he hopes the Arizona franchise keeps the point guard.

Vogel said as much in a recent interview with Sirius XM NBA Radio, sharing that he has also told Paul he wants him back in Phoenix for next season. According to Vogel, he sees CP3 as a crucial part of his plans in order to help the Suns win the Larry O'Brien Trophy in 2023-24.

The new Suns tactician also called Paul the “ultimate winner” whom he wants to guide to the NBA championship.

“I think he's got a great opportunity to win a championship. I know he's very motivated by that and I’m very motivated to be the guy that helps him get there. I'm very interested in coaching Chris and Chris being back with us. I've communicated that to him,” Vogel explained.

“There’s just that, an intangible piece that you cannot overlook when you're talking about a guy like Chris Paul, right? Just the toughness, the IQ, the intelligence of just dissecting it and understanding there's certain guys in his league that they just have a feel of knowing whatever, you know, being able to dissect a game and understand what's happening within that game and figure out what chess pieces to move to get that win. I mean, he's an ultimate winner and I think he's a vital part in what we do next year.”

It's still unknown what Phoenix will do with Chris Paul. The Suns are said to be looking ways to keep him financially, but if they are unable to do so before June 28–when his over $30 million contract becomes fully guaranteed–they will reportedly release him.

Based on Frank Vogel's comments, however, it sure looks the Suns still like Paul and the only issue really is his massive contract and its salary cap implications.

With Paul wanting to know the Suns' plans sooner rather than later, though, the Phoenix faithful wouldn't have to wait for long to see what the team decides to do.