During the Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors match at Oracle Arena, the visiting team got a scare as Russell Westbrook was on the floor when Zaza Pachulia came crashing down on his leg.

The dubious part of the latter's act was that it appears to have been done on purpose. See for yourself:

This is very questionable on the Warriors center's part.

There was no strong-enough force or momentum that could have caused Pachulia, all 6-foot-11 and 275 pounds of him, to fall down. Maybe Westbrook's mere presence on the floor caused some magnetic effect on the body of Pachulia that pulled him down? Or maybe he saw a dime on the floor? That's probably the case if the Earth is flat. Doesn't make sense, right? Same goes for Pachulia's decision.

Regardless, this is a very dangerous sequence. One that San Antonio Spurs fans know all too well from last season's Western Conference Finals where Pachulia single-handedly took down Kawhi Leonard in Game 1, erasing him for the entire series.

This isn't the only curious moment between Pachulia and Westbrook, though. Last year, these two also met near center court in a collision that left a lasting image of the Warriors big man standing over a fallen Westbrook.


The Warriors manhandled the Thunder on this game, but not because of Pachulia's antic. Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and Paul George all shot poorly from the floor, leading to a 112-80 beatdown.

Kevin Durant led the way for the defending champions with 28 points. This is their first win over Oklahoma City, avenging their two blowout losses earlier this season.