Zion Williamson has only played 19 games in his short stint in the league as a rookie with the New Orleans Pelicans. Yet he's managed to amass a slew of highlight reel-worthy plays after missing half the season with a torn meniscus.

The Duke standout has been known for his strength, athleticism, and his thunderous dunks — and he's dunked enough to have a top-10 list of his own in his brief time in the NBA.

Here are the best 10 dunks from Zion Williamson's season:

10: Zion Williamson slam fast-break alley-oop vs. Grizzlies

This is one of Williamson's conventional dunks and a combination fans are likely to see for ages.

The Pelicans star trails the play, fills the lane correctly and finds himself on the receiving end of a Lonzo Ball honey dime for the easy flush. Timeless.

9: Zion Williamson catches showtime alley-oop vs. Rockets


Zion helps on a Lonzo Ball steal, zooms past the entire Houston Rockets defense and throws down an uncontested dunk after Ball takes Eric Gordon out of the play.

8: Zion Williamson slams home 3/4-court pass from Lonzo Ball

There's no better way to open up the score than with a highlight-reel play. But highlights hardly ever get this good, as Williamson catches a pinpoint pass from Lonzo Ball three-quarters of the court away, connecting from about 70 feet over James Harden.

This is a great play, but Lonzo's pass gets all the marbles here, considering how well he judges Williamson's stride and leaping ability.

7: Zion Williamson shows vertical against Robin Lopez

Measuring at a mere 6-foot-6, Williamson skied above 7-footer Robin Lopez, one of the league's leaders in blocked shots, only by taking a step, planting and elevating for the jam.

True disrespect doesn't get any better than that.

6: Zion Williamson jab-step game vs. Trevor Ariza

Dunks don't get any more disrespectful than taking a one-on-one opportunity to showcase the hops. Williamson did just that, using a lightning-quick jab-step in the post and breezing past Trevor Ariza for a two-handed slam. Nasty.

5: Zion Williamson backdoor alley-oop over Thaddeus Young

Williamson knows his way around the rim, but he also knows how to create his own advantages over defenders. He takes an experienced, but less-athletic Thaddeus Young for a ride with a quick spin off the post-up, elevating over the Chicago Bulls forward for the slam.

4: Zion Williamson throws it down in traffic vs. Thunder

Williamson torches a taller Jerami Grant on this spin from the post, one of his patented moves through this season. This time the lob came from Frank Jackson, who spotted his body movement and was ready to sling it upstairs for the Zion slam.

3: Zion Williamson puts it home from an inbounds pass vs. Celtics

Not many rookies are able to complete plays from inbound passes, but Zion showed he's a different monster here, getting past Jaylen Brown to punch this one home in style. The play happens as Williamson fakes an outside trail and quickly cuts past Marcus Smart and creates an outside lane around Brown, leaving plenty of space for Lonzo Ball's pass right past the rim.

2: Zion Williamson punches it over Jonas Valanciunas

Zion has yet to have the poster every rookie hopes to be a part of when coming to the NBA, but he got pretty close with this maneuver over Jonas Valanciunas. Williamson gets the ball deep in the post and quickly moves around the 7-footer, exploding under the basket and reversing it home over the helpless giant.

Not bad for a rookie.

1: Zion Williamson gets the put-back slam from inside the 3-point line

Williamson tracked this play closely, going from Redick's release and finding a hole past an unsuspecting Jaylen Brown and Vincent Poirier. His sheer acceleration and point of takeoff (right outside the restricted area) show just how explosive a talent he is when left unguarded.