Okay, this isn't totally a true triangle offensive set set like we saw with Michael Jordan‘s Bulls or Shaq and Kobe‘s Lakers, but it's close enough and it would surely make Phil Jackson proud.

The San Antonio Spurs do a number of amazing things on the court, and their play has been dubbed ‘beautiful basketball', because of the art like manner in which they move together.

Coach Popovich said it best when being interviewed on the sideline by stating that the Spurs are best when the ball is moving, and he is absolutely right.

One of the most unnoticed things that they do best is run a freelance offense, which is what you see when there is no play called but there is still a lot of movement.

There have been many plays circulated around the internet, but this is just another prime example of how well they play together with when moving the ball around.

Watch the improvisation on this play as the Spurs move in a triangle-like formation for the score. You can only imagine how the defense feels when they try to keep up, but the ball is moving much faster than they possibly can.

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