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Vikings coach Mike Zimmer isn’t happy with the Minnesota defense

Since Mike Zimmer has taken over as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings it’s been a team that has prided themselves on defense. So far in training camp, it’s been the offense that has had a lot of success and that is something that has really frustrated Zimmer, via Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

“We’ve gotta play better on defense than we’re playing right now,” coach Mike Zimmer told reporters on Thursday. “We need to play a lot better. Our offense has got a lot of grit and fight and I haven’t seen as much out of the defense yet. So that’s where my major concern is at this point.”

Zimmer thinks that one of the reasons the defense might be struggling is because of how long the crew has been together. The same pieces have been on the defense for a while and he thinks some of the guys might not be practicing as hard as they could be.

“As I’ve told a few of them, they’ve been together for quite a while now, and they think they’re pretty good,” Zimmer said. “So maybe we just go out and practice, and it’s not the intensity level or whatever we need to do. They’re not making mistakes because they’ve been in the same defense for six years now, and it’s maybe a little bit of complacency.”

The good news when a defense is struggling, that usually means the offense is strong, and that has been the report out of Vikings camp. The offense has looked really good and the defense has left a lot to be desired.