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Stefon Diggs trade rumors shut down by Rick Spielman

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs has had trade rumors swirling for a while now, but general manager Rick Spielman shot those down at the NFL combine.

Speaking to reporters, Spielman said Diggs is an important part on and off the field for the Vikings, and going forward he will continue to have a big role.

Even with Spielman shutting down the trade rumors, there will probably continue to be some until Diggs says publically he wants to stay in Minnesota.

Former Vikings standout Chad Greenway said earlier this week on a radio show on KFAN that he believes one of the big issues that Diggs has is he is sharing the spotlight with Adam Thielen.

“Listen, I played with Stefon, You get him to the side, he is a great dude, locked in, but he needs the attention,” Greenway told KFAN’s Paul Allen. “There is Thelien and then there is Diggs and I can tell you, that does not sit well with Diggs.”

Even if Stefon Diggs is a distraction he is a special football player that makes the Vikings better. During the 2019 season, Diggs caught 63 passes for 1,130 yards and six touchdowns.

The Vikings made it past the Wild Card round of the playoffs, and with everyone back, the hope is they can make it even farther. There have also been some questions if Kyle Rudolph could be a cap casualty but Spielman did mention him as a big part of the future along with Irv Smith Jr. so he should feel good about his future on the team.