Colorado coach Deion Sanders knows a thing or two about being on the same team as his sons and he wants LeBron James to have the same opportunity with his son Bronny James. Bronny made headlines when he entered the transfer portal and also declared for the NBA Draft. Many have speculated on if he's was ready to take that next step to go to the pros and, if he does get drafted, if LeBron James Sr. will leave the Lakers and go play for the team he's drafted for if he isn't somehow selected by Los Angeles.

In comments obtained by Yahoo Sports, Sanders believes that James Sr. can pull off the amazing feat of playing with his son Bronny James and wants to see them together in the NBA.

“I think LeBron has the propensity to make that happen. I'd love to see it just for the fact that I understand the dynamic of a father and a son. I understand the dynamic of a man wanting to see the best for his son and he can mentor him and tutor him for a few years then dip and make sure he's straight. I'd love that, I'd love to see that.”

The similarities in the athletic journeys of Deion Sanders and LeBron James Sr. with their sons are strikingly alike. Sanders retired long before Shedeur Sanders was poised to shine as a star quarterback. But, when Sanders embarked on his coaching career at Jackson State, his son joined him, taking on the role of starting quarterback. Shedeur then transferred to Colorado once Deion left Jackson State and led the Buffaloes' offense throughout the season.

Possibly, LeBron James could be on the same trajectory. As Sanders said, LeBron possibly could serve as a mentor to Bronny if they played on the same NBA team, giving him game on what it's really like to be a pro in a way that he can't do only as his father. He could lead by example, setting him up for success once he ultimately retires from the NBA and Bronny embarks on his career.

As of now, LeBron James looks to close out the NBA season strong on Sunday by beating the Pelicans and officially securing the 8th seed. Deion Sanders prepares for Colorado's Spring Game as they get ready to play their first season in the Big 12. But, the possibilities are still endless when it comes to if Bronny James and his father could play together in the future.