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Wizards’ Austin Rivers claims he now knows how to play with John Wall, Bradley Beal

Austin Rivers, John Wall, Bradley Beal, Wizards

Austin Rivers of the Washington Wizards believes he has figured out how to co-exist with teammates John Wall and Bradley Beal.

Instead of deferring to the two All-Stars by letting the play develop through them, Rivers has discovered that he needs to be more aggressive. He noted that Wall and Beal, too, actually like it since they’re able to score easily when others are involved. Per Chase Hughes of NBC Sports:

“I think I’ve finally [figured it out],” Rivers said. “I have to be more aggressive. They actually like that, too, because it makes it easier for them because I will attack and then they get easy shots instead of having to work for every shot.”

The most recent statistics prove that Rivers has indeed figured out how to play with the two stars. In the Wizards’ 124-114 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans this past Saturday, the 26-year-old Rivers finished with 18 points on 8-of-11 shots.

Rivers had one 3-pointer, while the rest of his points were scored inside the paint. This is just his fourth time reaching double figures in points this season. And given these facts, it’s safe to say Rivers has indeed found the right formula and approach to playing alongside Beal and Wall.

Hopefully, however, it won’t be too late. The Wizards are going through a rough patch to start the season. Amid the controversies, the team has reportedly voiced out their willingness to press the reset button, which includes trading either Wall or Beal.