Former no. 1 overall pick Kwame Brown has long been ridiculed for his rather poor NBA career, with many calling him a bust ever since being drafted by the Washington Wizards in 2001. However, for former NBA forward Al Harrington, Brown is not the only one to blame for not succeeding in the league.

During his appearance on Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe, Harrington expressed his belief that the Wizards played a role in his failed stint not only in the team but in his NBA career. As the 16-year NBA veteran pointed out, the ball club never really positioned Kwame to succeed, with the veterans apparently not giving him the support and guidance that a rookie should have gotten early in his career.

 “He went to a veteran team that didn’t really want him there. … Michael Jordan want to win right now, he don't want to develop a high school kid. From what I hear, he didn’t get a lot of support from the vets. … What he lacked was confidence, and sometimes you need vets to give you that confidence,” Harrington explained.

Sure enough, Kwame Brown didn't like the way MJ treated him. The fact that his veteran Wizards teammates never showed belief in him might have certainly played a role as well why he never managed to live up to the hype of being a top pick.

Al Harrington's comments, however, shows how a situation can impact a player's career and growth. Had Brown been in a situation where he can develop at his pace and not be pressured to become the star people were hoping for him to be, he could have had a different career.

Unfortunately, NBA fans can just think another “What If” and imagine what it would be like to see Brown utilizing his full athletic abilities.