Kevin Durant averaged 28.2 points per game and 89.8 percent on free throws, third in the league for both categories last season. He was the 2014 Most Valuable Player and after 5 years with the Oklahoma City Thunder, his contract has expired, leading to numerous teams pursuing the former superstar. The Washington Wizards are no longer among those teams.

Though fans began the “Bring KD2DC” movement and the Wizards initially hoped they could lure the MVP back home, something no other team could offer, it became evident that the personal sentiment is not enough to get Durant to meet with the team, much less attain him.

J. Michel from CSN Mid-Atlantic reports that “[The Wizards] have moved on, and league sources tell on Monday that the idea of returning home just ‘doesn’t resonate' with NBA’s hottest unrestricted free agent.”

Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical states, “Durant’s public and private criteria for the free-agent selection process have pertained to a singular focus: the chance to win titles immediately.” With Durant already having an All-Star point guard in Russell Westbrook, as well offers from Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs, it’s no surprise that he won’t even consider the Wizards, who failed to make it to playoffs this year.

As Tim Bontemps from Washing Post states, regardless of their failure to acquire Durant, “the Wizards still have plenty of salary cap space and roster flexibility to remake their team as they start a new era under freshly hired coach Scott Brooks.”

They may not have gotten their number dream player, but at least they have the former Thunder coach. Besides, it’s not like they are left with nothing. They still have All-Star point guard John Wall to lead the team.

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