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Valve drops 2021 Fall Dota Plus Update

Fall Dota Plus Update, 2021 Fall Dota Plus Treasures

Dota 2‘s Nemestice Battle Pass has expired, and the Summer season rotating out in favor of the Fall season. And come the new season, a new Dota Plus update arrives with it. Here’s everything you need to know about the 2021 Fall Dota Plus update.

Guild Rewards

The Fall Dota Plus update re-introduces the Dunoo voice lines back into the game as Platinum guild rewards. Three of his iconic voice lines make a return, effectively buffing Team OG once again. While it’s heartwarming for Valve to acknowledge Dunoo this way, it’s still going to be annoying for these voice lines to get spammed again in-game, especially when you’re on the receiving end of the barrage of voice lines.

Three emoticons – Euls, Fasta, and Hoodwink_sad – enters Guild rewards for Silver, while Gold tier guilds get three sprays: Lion Zap, Morphling Bucket, and Furbolg High Five.

Dota Plus Seasonal Treasure

New seasonal treasures have been added for the Fall Dota Plus update, featuring cosmetics sets for Vengeful Spirit, Abaddon, Nature’s Prophet, Witch Doctor, Disruptor, Shadow Demon, Tusk, Legion Commander, and Dark Seer. A rare Ol’ Joe the koala courier can be unlocked if you’re lucky enough.

To help players earn enough Dota Plus shards for these treasures, the seasonal quests have been reset for this season, offering up to 115,200 shards.

Nemestice Features carrying over

Finally, some Nemestice Battle Pass features will now be part of the Dota Plus features. The Dota Plus Item Assistant is now better than ever with Neutral Item Suggestions and enhanced Quick Buy Recommendations. Chat Wheel sound effects obtainable from the Nemestice Battle Pass are now also transferred to the Dota Plus library.