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5 best Minnesota Vikings coaches of all time, ranked

The Minnesota Vikings haven’t won a Super Bowl in their history, but they have still had a lot of success and have won plenty of games.

One of the big reasons for their success has been because of the men in charge of the team. Starting with Norm Van Brocklin, the Vikings have had nine different coaches in their history.

Let’s take a look at the five best Vikings coaches in history.

5. Brad Childress

There are a lot of different players who could hold this fifth spot, and it’s really the only spot that is up for much debate in terms of coaches who belong on the list.

Brad Childress took over as the Vikings head coach before the 2006 season and was the coach for the Vikings for 77 games, leading the team to 40 wins. Included in those wins were two NFC North titles.

Although he won only one playoff game, he still cracks the top five of the best Vikings coaches in history.

4. Jerry Burns

Jerry Burns was the Vikings’ offensive coordinator from 1968-1985 before being offered the Vikings head coaching job before the 1986 season.

Each of the first four years in charge of the Vikings, he led the team to winning seasons. The best regular-season was in 1988 when they finished with an 11-5 record. During the 1987 season, the Vikings won two playoff games before losing to the Washington Redskins in the NFC Championship Game. In the 1989 season, Burns also led the Vikings to the NFC Central title.

After the 1991 season, Burns decided to hang up the whistle after being in charge of the Vikings for six seasons.

3. Mike Zimmer

Mike Zimmer was hired to be in charge of the Vikings back in 2014. There were some questions about the hire when he was brought in, but it’s pretty clear at this point that it was the right hire.

Heading into the 2020 season, Zimmer has a 57-38-1 record during the regular season. Zimmer has led the Vikings to a 2-3 record during the playoffs. In 2015 and 2017, the Vikings also won the NFC North title. During the 2017 season, Zimmer led the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game, but they were beaten by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Who knows how many more years his tenure will go, and how many more wins he will rack up. But if there are more wins, he very well could move up this list. Getting number one would be tough, but a Super Bowl victory could do it.

2. Dennis Green

Dennis Green was put in charge of the Vikings before the 1992 season and was the head coach up until one game left in the 2011 season. Most players loved what Green stood for, and he found a lot of success.

He had a 97-62 record during the regular season and led Minnesota to NFC Central titles in 1992, 94, 98, and 2000.

As important as the wins and losses were, the most important part of his tenure was the drafting of Randy Moss. As many other teams passed on Moss, Green decided to take a chance on the young man who played his college ball at Marshall.

Doing so helped Moss change the Vikings forever.

1. Bud Grant

Bud Grant was the second Vikings coach in history, leading the team to a lot of success. Grant led the Vikings from 1967-83 and then again for the 1985 season.

There is a long list of accomplishments for Grant, including winning the NFC Central championship 11 times. He never was able to accomplish the ultimate goal with the Vikings, but he is still one of the most popular figures in NFL history.

One of the more famous recent memories of Grant is when he wore a short-sleeve polo to do the coin toss before the 2015 Wild Card game when the windchill was -25 degrees.

In 1994, Grant was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.