Despite trailing by five in the final minute of Game 2 against the Philadelphia 76ers, the New York Knicks hit back-to-back threes and scored eight unanswered points in total to take a 2-0 series lead with a 104-101 victory. But the come-from-behind victory did not come without controversy; the 76ers are reportedly expected to file a grievance with the NBA over the officiating of the game, particularly in the final minute. And ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, one of the more vocal Knicks fans on television, seems to think they may have a good reason for that.

Smith, who sat courtside for Game 2, claims the Knicks clearly fouled the 76ers' Tyrese Maxey, causing a turnover that led to a go-ahead Donte DiVincenzo three-pointer with 13.1 seconds remaining.

“I saw Tyrese Maxey get mugged if I'm being totally honest,” Smith said. “He got fouled at least two or three times. There's no reason on Earth why that call shouldn't have been made. It wasn't made, unfortunately for the Sixers. If you're a New York Knick fan, it's not unfortunate. Donte DiVincenzo got another opportunity. He took advantage of it. … It was a beautiful, beautiful evening, to say the least, and a game.”

Joel Embiid and 76ers' comments on Game 2 officiating

New York Knicks player Isaiah Hartenstein and Philadelphia 76ers player Tobias Harris try to get a rebound

On Monday, the 76ers led the Knicks 101-96 as time began to tick down to under 30 seconds in the fourth quarter. Jalen Brunson initially lost the ball as Kyle Lowry poked it away and caused a loose ball. Donte DiVincenzo came up with it and eventually got it back to Brunson, who hit a three to pull the Knicks within two.

On the ensuing inbound, Tyrese Maxey appeared to push Josh Hart before Lowry passed Maxey the ball. Maxey didn't get complete control of it right away, however, as Brunson poked at it, sending the ball into the air and causing multiple players to jump up after it. Maxey eventually came down with the ball and fell to the ground and then quickly lost control of the ball again, which was picked up by Josh Hart. Hart passed to DiVincenzo, who missed the go-ahead three, but Isaiah Hartenstein corralled the offensive rebound and found OG Anunoby, who immediately passed to DiVincenzo. Despite missing just moments earlier, DiVincenzo heaved another three, which this time was successful and gave the Knicks a 102-101 lead with 13.1 seconds remaining.

The bulk of the 76ers' complaints center on no foul being called on the Knicks during the scrum that led to Maxey falling to the floor, as well as a timeout not being awarded to the Sixers when Maxey briefly gained possession of the ball. It is clear from the replay that Brunson had a hold of Maxey's jerseys before the inbounds pass, and it is also likely that Hart made contact with Maxey just before Maxey fell to the ground.

As for the timeout, 76ers head coach Nick Nurse very briefly signaled for a timeout before Lowry passed the ball to Maxey. Nurse said after the game that a referee “ignored” his first call for timeout. Nurse, who quickly pulled his hands down after Lowry passed the ball, did not signal for a timeout again until after Maxey was on the floor, although as he turned his head and screamed for a timeout at the official standing near midcourt, Maxey had lost control of the ball.

Joel Embiid said in a post-game scrum that is “f*cking unacceptable” that no foul or timeout were awarded to the Sixers in that crucial moment.

The 76ers will have a chance to get some revenge on the Knicks in Game 3, which will be in Philadelphia on Thursday.