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Among Us introduces 15-player lobbies; will be coming to Xbox Series X/S

Among Us introduces 15-player lobbies

Among Us defied the odds of being a giant in the video game industry, coming from being a small indie game. It has now become one of the most popular multiplayer games out there. The attention has been well-earned. The pandemic may have catapulted the game to stardom, but InnerSloth gets all the credit for sticking to its vision from the start.

Now, the game’s lobbies are getting expanded, turning the game into something even bigger! The cute but deadly crewmates are now expanding their roster with more colors added to differentiate them from each other: Rose, Grey, Tan, Banana, Coral, and Maroon.

Among Us‘ 15-player update will be live on June 15. It was also revealed during the E3 2021 showcase that the game’s coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles later this year. 

A new sound feature will also be coming to the game. It could potentially play a huge role in proving your innocence. Innocent Crewmates will now have the ability to honk the horn on the Airship. Imposters definitely have no way to fake the “Stabilizing Steering” task. Since the number of players that can join a game is expanding, we’re guessing that the lobby could possibly get either a redesign or just a bigger version of the original design. It’s going to get really crowded otherwise!

The Airship map is currently the biggest map in the game as part of Among Us’ biggest update yet back in April 2021. Apparently, Inner Sloth isn’t done yet as they have plans to release another map. They even showcased several features they plan to add in the game such as a new hide and seek mode, visor cosmetics, and achievements. However, we don’t have an exact roadmap yet on when these plans will be rolled out.