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Ash from Titanfall 2 is Apex Legends’ newest legend to join the roster

Titanfall 2, Apex Legends, Ash, Respawn Entertainment

Back in Apex Legends Season 5, an event named “Ashes to Ashes” featured none other than Ash herself. There were speculations that she would be the next legend to come out in Season 6 after that event. Apparently, this never happened, however, she is finally debuting as the newest legend in the Apex Games come Season 11. 

Before Ash became a Simulacrum Pilot, Dr. Ashleigh Reid was the former apprentice of Apex’s own Horizon. As seen in the latest Stories from the Outlands, we’ve witnessed the tragic back story of Dr. Reid. All of those led to her transformation into Ash who later played the antagonist of Titanfall 2

Aside from Ash’s first appearance back in Apex Legends Season 5, she made a comeback in Apex Legends’ Legacy Season. She was the one who narrated in Legacy’s launch trailer while also taking on the role of watching the arena. Since then, fans have once again speculated Ash’s debut as Apex’s next legend to release after Valkyrie. Especially considering the fact that we heard Revenant’s voice in a Halloween event prior to his release as a legend. Once again, this never came to be since we got Seer instead for Apex’s current season. 

The wait is over as Respawn Entertainment finally decided to signal a green light on Ash joining the Apex roster. As of the moment, we are yet to find out about Ash’s kit and what her role would be. After all, Titanfall’s gameplay is entirely different from Apex Legends’. At least players have something to look forward to once Apex Legends Season 11 launches on November 2, 2021