Lionel Messi‘s return to Barcelona may be on the horizon, as club president Joan Laporta remains confident that the Argentine superstar will come back at some point in the future, reported by While Messi chose not to return to Camp Nou this summer and instead signed with Inter Miami in MLS, plans are underway to honor the legendary forward with a tribute at the iconic stadium.

Despite Barcelona's efforts to extend Messi's contract, he opted for a new challenge in the United States, ending his long and successful stint at Paris Saint-Germain. Laporta, however, expressed his belief that Messi will always consider Barcelona as his home and hopes to see him back in familiar surroundings soon.

In an interview with TV3, Laporta revealed discussions with Messi regarding a potential tribute at Camp Nou, stating that the opening day of the Spotify Camp Nou would be an ideal date for the homage. Laporta also acknowledged the reasons behind Messi's decision to join Inter Miami, mentioning the pressure he experienced in Paris and the desire to have a new experience. Laporta expressed his respect for Messi's choice and wished him success in his new venture.

Although it was a bittersweet farewell when Messi left Barcelona in 2021 due to financial constraints, Laporta reiterated that the memories of Messi's incredible 672-goal career at the club will always be cherished. Laporta even hinted at the possibility of Messi taking on a directorial role at the club once he decides to retire from playing.

While Lionel Messi's return to Barcelona as a player is not imminent, Joan Laporta's comments indicate that the club remains open to the idea in the future. Barcelona fans can look forward to a tribute to their beloved icon, honoring his incredible contributions to the team and the sport. As the years go by, the bond between Messi and Barcelona continues to hold strong, keeping alive the hope of a reunion at Camp Nou.