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Bears QB Matt Nagy admits ’emotions’ got the best of him in heated exchange with referee

Matt Nagy

Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy is usually calm and collected but admits his emotions got the best of him during Sunday’s victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

On fourth-and-one late in the second quarter, Nagy sent out the punt unit but quickly changed his mind, sending back out the offense to try and get the one yard. When the offense was running back out, right tackle Bobby Massie hit the line judge unintentionally, but it knocked over Carl Johnson. The refs wouldn’t let the Bears snap the ball because Johnson needed time to get back on his feet to officiate the play.

Nagy lost it yelling at the refs and was probably lucky not to get a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty called against him.

After collecting himself and watching a replay of what happened, Nagy admitted the emotions got the best of him and apologized for his actions.

“It would have been nice (for Massie) to avoid him so that didn’t happen,” Nagy said Monday via The Chicago Tribune. “At that point in time, that’s such a crucial part of the game, my emotions (took over). … I talked to those guys. I apologized to them. I told them that they did the right thing and we need to coach that play better so that our guys don’t do that.”

The Bears coach said everything about the play went fine, but the team can’t be knocking over the refs when running onto the field.

“The whole schematic part of the play was fine,” Nagy said. “What wasn’t fine was that we bowled over the referee. You can’t do that.”