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Matt Nagy may have unintentionally jabbed Titans, others with mask comment

Matt Nagy, Bears, Titans

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy had some poignant comments regarding mask-wearing in light of the Tennessee TitansCOVID-19 outbreak.

Nagy stressed coaches and team personnel must wear masks to ensure player safety and prevent outbreaks:

“I think it just reiterates the importance of all of us always having the masks on,” Bears coach Matt Nagy said, via Jeff Dickerson of ESPN. “When you really think about it, it’s really not that hard to put a mask on. Just wear your mask and wear it all the time. It’s not hard.”

The NFL has stipulated all personnel on the sidelines must wear a mask throughout the entirety of each game. But plenty of coaches have taken liberties on that front. The Bears coach apparently had enough.

Five different head coaches were fined in Week 2 after failing to comply with health and safety protocols. Some have taken ownership for their failures, while Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh has claimed it is “not realistic” to expect coaches to keep the mask on for the duration.

But it also seems there have been issues away from the gridiron. Las Vegas Raiders players are being investigated for reportedly failing to wear masks while attending a charity event earlier this week. Fortunately, the Titans’ outbreak seems to be isolated. Players on the Minnesota Vikings–Tennessee’s last opponent–registered zero positive tests in each of the past three days.

However, the Bears coach fears there could be more issues if teams fail to stay vigilant with respect to mask-wearing procedures. Indeed, teams will have to exhibit an abundance of caution for the 2020 NFL season to be played in its entirety.