The Pittsburgh Penguins are in a position that might lead to them becoming sellers at the upcoming NHL Trade Deadline, and they could get some great value back if Kyle Dubas is willing to part with Jake Guentzel, who is on an expiring contract this season.

There are a lot of factors at play with the Penguins and Jake Guentzel. First is that Pittsburgh would still like to contend with the aging core of Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang. It might be a bit of a longshot looking at the Eastern Conference standings and taking into account the strength of the Metropolitan Division, but the ideal outcome the Penguins are hoping for is still to make the playoffs and make a run with Guentzel on the roster.

However, being six points out of a playoff spot, a bad couple of weeks could give Dubas no choice but to part with Guentzel. That is if he is unable to agree to a contract extension with the winger. The two sides reportedly have been trying to come to an agreement since before this season started, but have been unsuccessful. If Dubas deems that it is not possible to agree to terms with Guentzel on an extension before the deadline, he very well could be moved for a good haul if the Penguins fall out of contention.

If those two things take place, Jake Guentzel will be one of the top names on the trade market. And while pretty much any contender should be trying to acquire someone like Guentzel to bolster their lineup for a playoff run, there are two teams that specifically sick out as suitors for him.

Edmonton Oilers

The biggest question regarding Guentzel for any team trying to acquire him is whether they are able to make it work from a cap perspective. However, the Edmonton Oilers are a fit from a roster perspective, and they are projected to have just over $4 million in cap space at the deadline, according to CapFriendly. Guentzel is on a $6 million contract. Maybe the Oilers could offload salary, or convince to the Penguins to retain some to make the deal possible.

Guentzel would likely slot in as the second line left winger, taking Evander Kane's spot next to Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Warren Goegele. Kane is not having a bad season, but Guentzel would be someone who is playing at over a point per game pace that could slot in on the second line, and Kane would provide some good scoring depth on the third line.

The Oilers are already arguably the most dangerous offensive team in the league, and adding Guentzel to that would make them scary heading into the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks have emerged as a contender in the Western Conference this season, and they could use an impact move. Guentzel would provide that for their lineup.

The Canucks are facing more of a cap crunch than the Oilers, as they are projected to have just over $1.2 million in space available at the NHL Trade Deadline, according to CapFriendly. To get the move done, the Canucks would probably have to include some salary, and left winger Andrei Kuzmenko would make sense.

Kuzmenko is struggling this season on the top line, and the Penguins could take his salary on to sweeten the pot even more in a trade with the Canucks for Guentel.

As a result, Guentzel would take Kuzmenko's spot on the top line in the left win spot alongside Elias Petterson and Ilya Mikheyev. It would provide a punch for the Canucks offensively and give them more firepower heading into the playoffs in the Western Conference.