The Chicago Blackhawks are gearing up for the beginning of a new era of their franchise. Connor Bedard enters the picture with the expectation of becoming the next Chicago hockey icon over the next few years. If there's anyone who understands the pressure of being the first overall pick, it's actually Bedard's teammate, Taylor Hall.

Hall himself went first overall, hearing his name called by the Edmonton Oilers in 2010. He also has had the opportunity to work with a number of former number-one overall picks throughout his 13-year NHL career.

As a result, Hall is naturally someone who could offer quality advice to Bedard. And he did just that on Saturday ahead of the team's preseason opener on Thursday. “It’s important for him, when he leaves the rink, to get away from hockey. Find something to do to take his mind off it,” Hall said, via

“It’s a long year, and you can’t just think about hockey all the time, especially as you get later on in your career. You have to leave the game at the rink, that way when you come back to it, it feels more fresh in your brain. Those are all things I’ve learned as I’ve played,” the Blackhawks forward continued.

Hall lined up with Bedard during practice on Saturday. It could be indicative of how head coach Luke Richardson envisions his opening night lineup working. Richardson certainly seems hopeful the two can work well together. In fact, he told that the two could be “very creative and dangerous” together.

Bedard, Hall, and the Blackhawks begin their 2023-24 NHL season on October 10. They hit the road to take on a new-look Pittsburgh Penguins squad headlined by Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Erik Karlsson.