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Blazers coach Terry Stotts says Pelicans’ Alvin Gentry ‘has done a really good job of keeping his team motivated’

Terry Stotts, Alvin Gentry, Pelicans, Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts says New Orleans Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry “has done a really good job of keeping his team motivated.”

This season has been a difficult one for Gentry and the franchise.

Pelicans superstar power forward Anthony Davis requested a trade in February. New Orleans decided not to trade AD at the February trade deadline and will try and move him in the summer.

The Pelicans aren’t going to make the playoffs this season, but the players on the team have been playing hard every single night.

Terry Stotts believes that’s a testament to Gentry and how good of a coach he is:

The Pelicans are 30-40 on the season. They are in the 12th spot in the Western Conference standings

Just imagine the position Alvin Gentry is in right now. He’s coaching a team whose best player has made it known he wants out. The organization, from top to bottom, knows the postseason is out of reach.

However, the team is competing to the best of its ability every single night. That means Gentry is still finding a way to motivate the guys on the Pelicans even though the season is over.

The Pelicans are expected to hire a full-time GM in the summer. We’ll see if Gentry is retained or fired.