Brad Stevens still couldn't finish watching NCAA title games
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Brad Stevens still couldn’t finish watching NCAA title games

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Brad Stevens is currently heralded by many as one of the best coaches in the league today.

The DePauw product is still young, at 39 years of age, to be entering his fourth season as an NBA head coach. But there’s no doubting that he has earned his keep.

Prior to arriving in Boston, Stevens was the top bench tactician of the Butler Bulldogs. His collegiate coaching resume is bannered by his appearance in the 2010 National Championship game where he was pitted against a living legend in Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski.

To this day, Stevens blames that particular match for him not being able to watch national championship games up to the very end.

It’s hard to blame him. Butler became a darling because of their Cinderella run during that year. They gave their all against the mighty Duke Blue Devils, but literally fell short, three inches to be exact, of a national title.

It was one of the best title games in recent memory, especially with the way it ended.

On a positive note, Brad Stevens now enjoys coaching a deep, young, and talented Celtics team expected to become contenders in the East for years to come. Maybe it’ll help him get over his college heartbreak.

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