Broncos news: Vic Fangio sees no difference in the Vikings' offense without Adam Thielen
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Broncos’ Vic Fangio sees no difference in the Vikings’ offense without Adam Thielen

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It’s been a good season for the Minnesota Vikings, who are 7-3. That solid start has been dampened a bit by the injury Adam Thielen recently suffered. Denver Broncos coach Vic Fangio commented on that injury.

The Vikings’ key wide receiver sat out during the team’s previous games and will likely not be on the sidelines during their upcoming game against the Denver Broncos. That would have given Broncos head coach Vic Fangio a reason to celebrate. However, it seems that he’s still taking the game as seriously as possible due to the amount of talent they have on the team.

Fangio talked about the Vikings and if they will be a different team to face without Thielen. Fangio caught some off guard with his pessimistic response to the question.

“None,” Broncos coach Vic Fangio said Thursday regarding the changes to the Minnesota offense without Thielen, per Pro Football Talk. “The guy [Bisi] Johnson that’s been playing for him kind of looks like he’s been studying Thielen and trying to be ‘Thielen the Second,’ and kind of looks like him on tape.”

Olabisi Johnson is a seventh-round selection in the 2019 Draft who’s playing great football in Thielen’s absence. While his numbers don’t show it just yet, the coaching staff is high on him.

“Quite honestly, Gary was the one who kind of brought him to our attention because he had seen him in the past; that kind of put him on the radar with us,” Zimmer said, via the Denver Post. “(Johnson) has done a really good job. He knows all of the positions so he can line up pretty much anywhere. When he’s gotten the opportunities, he’s made catches, made big plays (and) made third-down catches. We’re glad we have him.”

So far, Johnson has 190 receiving yards and two touchdowns to his name. He’ll be hoping to add to his numbers in front of his hometown crowd.