The NFL might have a turf problem. The artificial grass surface has been a major talking point amongst NFL players, who claim that the surface actively hurts players. From their experience, many of their injuries come from the discomfort of playing in turf. Now, Browns OL JC Tretter, the NFLPA’s president, spoke out on the topic.

JC Tretter and the NFLPA made an official statement on Saturday calling for the NFL to ban turf surfaces. The Browns OL tweeted out their statement on his personal Twitter account. The statement ended with a strong plea by Tretter for the NFL to protect their players.

“As players, we have a simple message for the league: stop with the lip service, stop with the media spin, stop pretending you care. And if you actually do care, take the actionable steps to fix the problems our union has identified, especially those issues you actually agree with.”

Turf fields are used in fourteen NFL home fields. That includes the Lions’ home field, where the Packers played the home team in Week 9. During that game, Aaron Jones exited the game due to an ankle injury. That injury prompted De’Vondre Campbell and other prominent NFL players like Travis and Jason Kelce to call out the turf usage on various platforms.

JC Tretter and the NFLPA have once again put out a call for the league to do something about the turf situation. The question is: will Roger Goodell and his staff finally start making changes to limit the usage of turf?