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Celtics waive former second-round pick Kadeem Allen

Kadeem Allen

The Boston Celtics announced on Sunday that they have released former second-round draft pick Kadeem Allen from his two-way contract.

Allen was the 53rd pick in the 2017 NBA Draft but spent most of his time in the G-League. He only appeared in 18 games with the Celtics totaling 19 points scored. Allen did play in the Summer League this summer with the Celtics but struggled.

Allen is a very good defensive player, but on the offensive end, he has a lot of making up to do. He wasn’t a consistent shooter in the G-League, and that is what prevented him from getting more playing time with the Celtics.

In the G-League he seemed to be the tone setter for the defense. In 15 wins last year for the Maine Red Claws his defensive rating was 95.3. In the 19 losses, the defensive rating was a 113.3.

Where he will end up next is hard to predict, but chances are it will be for a straight G-League contract. He will have to prove that he is a better shooter in the G-League before maybe he can get a two-way or an NBA contract next year.

If Allen would have been on the roster tomorrow, it would have become a guaranteed a two-way contract. The team is expected to sign someone who can make more of an impact in the NBA next year with their open two-way contract. Expect the Celtics to sign someone to that last contract within the next couple of weeks or at the latest before training camp.