Gordon Hayward has until 5 p.m. ET on Thursday to decide on whether or not he wants to opt-in with the Boston Celtics in 2020. While Hayward mulls over his options, Brad Stevens made it clear that he's just a phone call away for the veteran forward.

“I mean, he knows us, he knows me, he knows this whole situation, and he weighs that against his other options,” Stevens said of Hayward. via CBS Boston. “That’s part of a player option. So that’s not too dissimilar to anything we’ve been through in the past. So we’ll see again how it plays out. But those conversations are, you know, you spend so much time together that I think it’s appropriate from my point of view to make yourself available if need be.”

Hayward has a player option with the Celtics and if he chooses to opt-in, he'll make $34.1 million in the 2020-2021 season. However, it remains to be seen if Hayward is fond of being a role player in Boston's rotation.

Given the financial implications of COVID-19, one would expect Hayward to opt-in with the Celtics. But even if he does opt-in, there's still a chance that the Butler forward, who played at the collegiate level under Stevens, could be part of a sign-and-trade this offseason.

The Atlanta Hawks and New York Knicks have been listed as teams that could pursue Hayward via trade. On the other hand, Hayward could remain with the Celtics in hopes that he can remain healthy and help them advance further in the playoffs.

Regardless of what Hayward chooses to do, Stevens is letting him know that he's just a phone call away.