The Boston Celtics have played like a top-notch orchestra this season, working harmoniously to secure the NBA's best record at 46-12. And if the Celtics' stars are the musicians staying in tune, head coach Joe Mazzulla is the conductor keeping everything together.

Mazzulla has taken that role to heart, too, as he's reportedly played classical music during practices, according to Celtics in-house-writer Taylor Snow. When asked about the Green Team's behind-the-scenes work, Celtics assistant coach Charles Lee praised Mazzulla for his musical creativity.

“One practice we had in Philly stands out to me,” Lee revealed. “We needed to work on our offensive spacing and togetherness and Joe talked about not letting the music stop, not letting the ball just stop. He ended up telling them that they had to go up and down the court with non-verbal communication and he played Mozart in the background.”

Although Boston didn't shoot it well following that practice, Lee said Mazzulla's unique approach still helped the team's ball movement.

“And then we go out that night against Philly and it immediately translated to the game,” Lee recalled. “I think we missed a ton of shots, but the ball did not stop moving and we really thought we did a great job of passing the ball.”

Perhaps this musical method has impacted the Celtics' winning ways, as they boast the best offensive rating in the league. Boston's brightest stars, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, are moving the ball better than ever as well. They're both currently putting up career-high assist numbers, and Tatum even had eight of his own during Boston's 117-99 win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday night.

Of course, having the ability to feed near-All-Stars like Jrue Holiday, Kristaps Porzingis and Derrick White should boost anyone's passing numbers. With so many weapons, the Boston's well-rounded offense has been insanely efficient for the majority of 2023-24.

The ultimate goal, as always, won't come during the regular. Boston is all-in for a championship, as the historic franchise hasn't captured a title in over 15 years. If the Celtics can carry their good habits into the postseason, they should have a great shot at banner No. 18—which is music to the ears of any Boston sports fan.